Line Production


Scoutindia is a complete film production company based in Mumbai, with a client base that spans all over India. Founded in 2008, in Twelve years from inception we have produced commercial films, corporate films, documentaries and viral films for Ad agencies, Corporate films, music videos and T.V. shows for every type of industry or purpose on time, on budget, and strive to be the very best at what we do.

We work with our clients to produce creative film production solutions for their brand or idea.

We have very talented team of Directors in our roster, to ensure that we are focusing on telling your story in the best possible way By our Parent Company Banyan Media & Films International

As Such we are a Team of Professional’s, with a Plus experience of project management, good networking skills, hard work and determination, responsibilities, A good knowledge of finance, budgeting, strong problem-solving skills and a flexible attitude and to remain cool under pressure with in-depth knowledge of how films are made.

We have a very open minded approach to production. Each project is different and needs to be approached in a different way. Our objective is to give the script exactly what it needs within the realities of the budget. Being innovative is how this can be achieved. We will do whatever we can do to make sure that we help you to produce a product you can be proud of. We will deliver everything you require on time and on budget and a Detailed budgets and a meticulous paper work ensure a transparency and accountability in all our dealings.

Once a preliminary brief or a script is given to us, our vast photo library is used to tailor the brief and give visual references immediately. Creative inputs are provided which give added dimensions to the original brief. Detailed briefing is given by BM&FI for casting, costume, production design and even choreographers and stunt directors following the location scout. We plan the pre- productions in-depth detail so that the Director can have a range of options for each department.

We offer every professional service that you expect in terms of film-making. Our Services: Producer Service, Permits and Customs, Professional Crews, Camera and DP Services, Locations, Art Developments & Props, Casting, Wardrobe and makeup, Grip Equipment and a good Catering

We are happy to state that our crew and suppliers work with us time and again. This special professional relationship is extended to our International crews, making it an unforgettable experience to shoot in India.

Our collaboration with top film technicians, DOPs, stylists etc. in India helps us achieve high end production at costs that are much more reasonable than companies in the west. We provide production services, project management, line production, post-production co-ordination at rates that are not just reasonable by international standards, but are a real bargain.

We also had an opportunity to provide production services to various international agencies and production companies.

We want your experience with BM&FI to be your best experience and we would do anything to increase your confidence to shoot again with us in this beautiful country. All we expect from you is just an intention to shoot in and around this beautiful country, the rest is our prerogative.

Welcome to India …….