About Us


ScoutIndia was created in 2008 to fulfill every entertainment need our clients might ever have. We represent some of the finest talents in India, comprising of film & television actors, musicians, directors, music acts, artists and performers to make sure your event is a roaring success. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify synergies with brands to create and nurture properties. We’ve worked with an array of television networks, media houses, brands and helped them bring their ideas to fruition.

Entertainment insiders view us as pioneers in the business with regards to creating and supporting new abilities and we pride ourselves on the way that a seemingly endless amount of time after year we can give new faces to the business.

Danny, our manager, manages and builds up our Database professionally and gives them the certainty to succeed. 

At ScoutIndia, the ethos is to really trust that ability isn’t something that is just found; it requires vision, development, commitment, and the customized consideration we give. We keep on endeavoring hard once a day to guarantee that customers meet their objectives by setting the bar high inside the business.