Scout India is a Talent Scout company for  New and fresh Talent in Media Industry in Mumbai India. We are always looking for next big star looking for people who have the skills especially in entertainment business. We are the peoples who have their feet on ground and Scouts for rising talents pan India, We Accept People from all walk of life, all ethnicity, all cast and from all region of India without any discriminant. Be it Script writers, Singers, Folk singers, Budding Music Directors, Lyricist, Character artist and of course Main Lead Actor and actress.

Nowadays most clients are looking Fresh Talents, Just Because fresh Talents brings in new Ideas, new stories, stories from our roots, new thoughts, new Music, folk Music  rural India, Faces from smaller cities are now ruling Media Industry here in Mumbai.

So as for we’r concerned Everybody has the right to work in Media Industry. 

For Scout India scouting a Talent is a vital process in the pre-production stage of film making, It is as critical as scripting and casting, It plays an integral role in the creative and production process. Once scriptwriters, producers or directors have decided what general kind of ethnicity and part of region of India they require for the various parts of their script, the search for a suitable Face or “Talents” outside the Available Data begins. 

If You can Act, sing, write, Compose, and Direct and have a relaxed Attitude no matter the situation, then you’r exactly what we need !!

you are 100% reliable, punctual and professional, enjoy meeting new people and working in different environments, can handle long hours of work and a lots of waiting around , then you are the right person to join this Media Industry.

Scout India we guarantee the best Exposer for your talent. no matter what the Field you are looking at it. As a Talent Scout Company we are often called upon for advice of how to break in the Media Industry here in Mumbai. These calls may be from any one, any part of India. We are honest and fair in all the advice and guidance we give.

We operate a business and pride ourselves by our ethical approach to supporting new talents and getting them started in what can sometimes be perceived as a cutthroat and harsh Industry. 

Scout India have been in the Industry for 12 years, so we are hoping that our Contact and Knowledge can be helpful to those who are thinking of joining this media industry. 

If you decide to join our talent agency, you can only be with us for a specific period, For us to represent you in the best way possible. 

Scout India often negotiate legal access to and for Talents. Scout India also look for generally spectacular or interesting Ideas.

Want to perceive your Dreams come join us in our journey…..Fulfill your Dreams.

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